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Compassionate women’s healthcare

Dr. Deborah Wilson & Associates has been a leading medical practitioner of gynecology and women’s health needs for more than 30 years. Over that time, Dr. Wilson has distinguished herself in the field of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. She and her excellent staff have fine-tuned their philosophy of care and treatment to offer their patients exceptional medical consultation and care for a variety of women’s health and gynecologic issues.

Monday – Friday: 8am to 5pm
Extended morning and evening appointments available upon request
Call 480-860-4791 for availability and to schedule an appointment

We welcome and encourage you to call the office if you have a medical problem or are seeking some information. Please, however, make non-emergency calls between 9am and 5pm.

If you have a non-emergency medical question, a nurse or doctor will get back to you by telephone or e-mail as soon as possible. Our nurses and doctors have found that email communication—except in the case of an emergency—is much more efficient than trying to reach a patient by phone.

If you have a question, please send an email to our triage office. If it requires the attention of a physician, the email will be forwarded to the appropriate doctor. As soon as one of our medical professionals can respond, he or she will send it to the triage office to be delivered to you. This cycle is usually accomplished in less than 24 hours. If you do not have email access, someone in the triage office will phone you. You may receive your message through the Med-Voice system.

Very important! If you are expecting a return call, please remove your call blocking system. Our back line numbers are blocked.

For a prescription refill, we ask that you call 480-860-4791, option 4, and leave a message, or, better yet, email us your request. Unless you hear otherwise, your prescription will be called in within 24 hours.

Urgent or emergency calls are accepted at all hours. Call our main number (480-860-4791) and you will be directed to call the answering service. A doctor will be contacted and you should receive a return call very shortly thereafter. Again, please remember to remove call blocking. If you do not receive a call within 30 minutes, please call back. Occasionally, when we encounter functional difficulties with our paging system, our answering service can assist you with alternative methods of contacting us. In the highly unusual event that you are having a medical emergency and are unable to reach the answering service, please go immediately to your local hospital’s emergency room.

Appointments are always preferable, but we do accept new and return walk-in patients during our regular office hours. As a walk-in, you will be seen as soon as a practitioner or physician has an opening in his or her schedule. Similarly to an emergency room visit, you may be required to wait for this opening. Of course, if you have an emergency that requires immediate attention, you will be given priority.

Due to high scheduling demands, we request that you confirm your appointment with us a day prior to your appointment date. We will provide you with a courtesy call to remind you of your appointment. If you have made an appointment and cannot keep it, please call at least 24 hours in advance so that we may offer your time slot to someone else. If your managed care plan requires a pre-authorization by your primary care provider for your visit, this must be properly obtained or you cannot be seen.

Due to the unpredictability of gynecology, there are times when the practitioner you are scheduled to see will be delayed by hospital or office emergencies. Although every attempt is made to see our patients promptly, sometimes the schedule needs to be adjusted. If you have an appointment with a physician and he or she has encountered an emergency, you will be offered an alternative appointment.

If you have a problem that requires emergency care, we will rearrange our scheduled appointments so that you may be seen that day.

Please be assured that all of your medical records are maintained with the highest confidentiality. We will release medical records only if authorized by you in writing.

We set our fees within the customary range for this area of medicine, and they’re commensurate high level of care that you will receive. Charges for office visits are due at the time of your visit. Co-payments are collected at the time of your visit, prior to your examination or treatment with one of our staff. If you belong to a managed-care program, it is your responsibility to determine if your visit needs to be pre-authorized by your primary care provider. If you arrive for your visit and do not have a pre-authorization, you will not be seen.

Charges for office procedures and hospital surgical procedures may by discussed with our billing office. We will handle pre-authorization for these procedures.

You will receive your laboratory results and ultrasound results by phone, Med-Voice or via email. ​There is no need to come into the office to receive results. If you receive a Med-Voice message, call 480-675-5942 and dial in your social security number when prompted to do so. You will then hear a nurse’s voice informing you of your results.

Alternatively, you may receive an email with your results. Please check your email carefully for messages from “drwilsonobgyn.” In order for us to be sure that you received the message, please email us back and confirm receipt. You may ask questions about your results at that time, and the triage office or practitioner will respond within a day or so

Dr. Wilson and Dr. Roberts answer their emails promptly, usually the same day. If you would like to speak directly with your doctor about your results, you are welcome to make an appointment.

Be assured that if we find your results are abnormal and require immediate attention, we will phone you directly.

What sets us apart from other offices?

  • You will always see Dr. Wilson, Dr. Roberts, or Dr. Allen when you visit our office.
  • If you call with an urgent matter before noon, you will be seen that day.
  • We draw blood in our office, and you can expect to hear results within 48 hours unless it is a culture or unusual test.
  • We have full-time triage people answering questions and delivering messages which means that your question will be answered promptly, usually that day.
  • We make it our goal to stay on time. We realize that your time is valuable.
  • We have an ultrasound technician here 4  days per week so that you don’t have to wait for results- your results will generally be communicated to you either the day of your visit or the next working day.
  • We specialize in menopausal issues and the treatment of those issues. We practice Gynecology only.
  • All three physicians are skilled and experienced surgeons who offer minimally invasive (small incisions) surgical options for large fibroids, endometriosis, and other issues that require advanced surgical skills.
  • Dr. Wilson, Dr. Roberts, and Dr. Allen are all experts in minimally invasive surgery including hysterectomy, ovarian cyst removal, endometriosis excision, hysteroscopy, and sterilization. We can offer you a minimally invasive option that might not be available elsewhere.