Dr Wilson Patient Testimonials


“Dr. Roberts was extremely professional and kind and was able to make my first visit relaxed and comfortable. She is one of the most intelligent physicians I have ever had the pleasure to talk with and her staff is also incredibly helpful. When I needed to get a minor procedure done before the end of the year, she managed to get me scheduled to see her within a few days and she did a great job calming my worries about everything beforehand. Overall, amazing physician and amazing staff.”


“Both Dr. Wilson and Dr. Roberts are FANTASTIC doctors! Their bedside manners are unmatched in this industry. I highly recommend Dr. Deborah Wilson MD & Associates Gynecology for any woman seeking a GYN. I get my hormone pellets at Dr. Wilson’s office, along with my annual exam. The office staff is friendly and great as well. Dr. Wilson has A TON of specialized services to offer any woman, but if you are pre-menopausal or beyond Dr. Wilson or Dr. Roberts are the doctors you will definitely want to see.”


“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Wilson as long as I can remember. She is hands down one of the most professional doctors in town. Her bedside manner is direct and it is obvious she cares deeply about her practice and patients. I left for a few years when I was pregnant with my kids, and was relieved to come back and receive woman-care from her office. Should I ever run into a more serious medical issue, I know I am in good hands because Dr. Wilson is one smart cookie!”


“Briefly, I plan to write a longer review when time permits, I could never say enough good things about Doctor Wilson. I recently moved here and had a hard time finding a good doctor. A coworker recommended I see her doctor, so I did. Ended up finding an OUTSTANDING Physician! During my consultation and subsequent exam, I kept thinking to myself: ‘Her practice is “a real practice!”‘ I’ve seen two doctors since relocating here, and the paperwork (patient history in particular), was to say the least, not thorough. It seemed more about business than care. Whereas, Doctor Wilson’s paperwork was extremely detailed. I feel as if I am in the safest hands available! Thank you Doctor Wilson for being a compassionate trusting individual! So very grateful to the friend that pointed me in your direction!”


“I highly recommend Dr. Deborah Wilson & Associates. I went in for an annual exam and this practice saved my life. I found out at just 25 years old that I had ovarian cancer. They worked tirelessly, advocating for my health. If it wasn’t for this practice, I wouldn’t have been able to get the desperate and immediate care I needed in order to beat the cancer. Their expertise, dedication to women’s health and networking throughout the healthcare community is a major asset for a patient’s health.”


This review is long overdue. I have been going to Dr. Wilson for 29 years now as well as my 28-year-old daughter that Dr. Wilson delivered! I pray that she doesn’t retire for a very long time, actually EVER! Words can’t explain the care, love, expertise and knowledge this woman has given myself and so many friends and relatives I have referred to her. She was my OB/Gyn In 1989 and since then she has always done my annual exams, supracervical hysterectomy, hormone pellets and so much more. Dr. Wilson has saved many lives of those close to me because of her meticulous, intelligent and well thought out plans for her patients. Dr. Wilson’s office has always gone out of their way to address any questions and concerns of mine as well as friends I have sent her way. They always find a way to fit you into their schedule. I also love her for her love of animals and all the time and money she has given to rescue any type of animal in need. Circle L Ranch, which she founded in Prescott Valley, AZ is an AMAZING shelter for all types of animals. Dr. Wilson has spent every day of her life caring for others including many cancer patients. Dr. Deborah Wilson has always been a giver. If you read this Dr. Wilson, I want to thank you for all the care and love you’ve given so many and thank you for all the hoops you jump through so that your patients can get the care they want and need. You are an amazing doctor! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


“My experience with Dr. Wilson and her entire staff has been top-notch every step of the way. She is very professional. I felt comfortable and confident in her abilities from start to finish. She also has an amazing surgical team that she works with. I’m grateful that she is so skilled and talented. If you’re looking for the best, you’ve found her! I know I have!”


“Dr. Wilson, Bre & Dana made my 1st visit amazing. I was shocked first of all that Dr.Wilson personally came to get me from the waiting area and she actually took time to listen and explain things to me! How refreshing to have a Dr actually care. I wasn’t rushed in and out and they all took time to get to know me.”


“I have been going to Dr Wilson’s practice for over 10 years. I have dealt with her and other doctors on the staff. All are extremely professional, knowledagable and great customer service. They make you feel comfortable, which is important to me.
I would highly recommend this practice to anyone !”

“I am so impressed with the office! My appointment was at 1pm and I was seen promptly. I had a good interchange with the doctor and she recommended an ultrasound and labs. Instead of asking me to come back to the office for results, I received the results by email. The ultrasound results were on my email the next day and the labs 2 days later. I had questions so I emailed them to the doctor and she got back to me within 15 minutes. I have never experienced this level is service in any other doctors office. I am very happy with my experience.”

“I had symptoms of a urinary tract infection that were rapidly getting worse. I called my PCP and he could not see me for 3 days. I called Dr. Wilson’s office and was told to come right on in. I was evaluated and treated immediately and experienced relief that evening. I am very impressed with the office and the responsiveness of the staff.”

“I think the best thing about this office is the ability to email my questions and have them answered so quickly. I tend to have many questions, but they never seem to be tired of answering them. That is comforting to me.”

“On January 3, 2012, I had a total hysterectomy that was performed by Dr. Wilson, who in my opinion, is a miracle worker. I have heard a number of horror stories from women who have had hysterectomies. With that thought in mind, I tell just about every woman I meet (no lie) that “I had a hysterectomy performed by Dr. Wilson, who is absolutely amazing, and if you need a hysterectomy or know someone who does, I would highly recommend”. After a thorough search, I had confidence in knowing that I had chosen the right doctor and only doctor that would make me feel completely confident. I was happy with my decision but still petrified to have the surgery.”

“Your staff was wonderful and caring! The receptionist at the front desk was very kind along with the person who input my information in your system. Next step was to the surgical unit to get my intravenous line and wait to be wheeled into surgery. Nurse Mary in pm op was wonderful, compassionate, kind, understanding, and reassuring! She shared her surgical experience with me and really made me feel at ease. Mary made me feel like a friend she was trying to console rather than a stranger who was a patient and just another facet of her job. The nurses who attended to me once the surgery was over were absolutely wonderful. Whenever someone came into the room to take vitals or for meds, I was offered a hot compress (which was very much appreciated) along with hot tea, and something light to eat. I told my husband and friends that I felt like a “rock star” at the Virginia G. Piper Center.

The following morning when I was released, I walked with my husband to our mail box, the second day I went out to lunch and the third day I was off to a craft show. I did not drive, lift anything or overdo but tried to keep active enough to avoid clots. I never took one pain pill of any kind at the surgical center or at home. I credit my rapid recovery to having a phenomenal physician and being surrounded by exceptionally caring and positive people…your staff is outstanding!”

“My mother had a hysterectomy for fibroids a few years ago. She spent 4 days in the hospital and it took her 6 weeks to feel like herself. When I found out that I had fibroids and needed surgery, I was terrified. I had a laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy, felt fine the next morning when I went home, and I was back to my normal routine in a week. I never needed the pain pills that Dr. Wilson gave me — I just took Advil. Now I feel like nothing ever happened, except that I no longer bleed.”

“I was bleeding for a few weeks and I got concerned . I called to make an appointment and figured that I would not be seen for a week or so at least. They told me to come on in that day. I saw the doctor, had an ultrasound and had a biopsy all in one appointment. They even drew my blood that day. My ultrasound results were emailed to me the next day and I got my biopsy results and the blood results 2 days later! I was shocked! I emailed in a question and the doctor answered my question within hours. I am so impressed with the service that I am telling all of my friends about it.”

“I was so afraid of having a hysterectomy that I suffered with bleeding and pain for 5 years, hoping that it would just get better. Finally, I was missing so much work that I had to have surgery. I had a laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy and felt perfect within a few days. I went back to work in 10 days and felt better than I’d felt in years. I told Dr. Wilson at my 2 week post-operative visit that I wished she had forced me to do it 5 years earlier!”

“I like the fact that the office has ultrasound available right there. I also like that I do not have to go elsewhere to have my blood drawn. It allows me to get everything done at the same time. I have an ovarian cyst that is being monitored with regular ultrasounds and blood levels. It is so convenient to get this all done at the same place. I also get my results almost immediately, which is comforting.”

“I had large fibroids and I was bleeding and in pain. I saw my Ob/Gyn doctor who delivered my children and she told me that because my uterus was large I needed to have a big incision to remove it. She told me that she wasn’t allowed to “morcellate” it anymore because of the fear of spreading cancer. I talked to my friend who is a nurse and she told me to talk to Dr. Wilson in hopes that she could do the surgery without a big incision. Sure enough, she did it. She “morcellated” my uterus safely in a bag which prevented the spread of cells. It only took an hour. My recovery was very easy and quick. My incisions are hardly noticeable. I now tell everyone that they should always get another opinion if they need to have surgery.”

“I was seeing an Ob/Gyn for years and often had my appointments delayed or canceled due to deliveries. In this office I have never had my appointment delayed or canceled and I usually get seen within 10 minutes of my appointment time. I am very busy and cannot afford to sit in a waiting room for an hour, so this is the office for me.”

“I had fibroids and heavy bleeding for a long time, and the doctor I was seeing recommended an abdominal hysterectomy. A friend of mine had gone to Dr. Wilson to have the laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy so I went to see her. My fibroids were so large that I had to have Lupron to shrink them. I did not feel great when I was on the Lupron, but moodiness and a few hot flushes were the worst symptoms. The fibroids shrunk enough for me to have the laparoscopic surgery, and I breezed through it. I am so glad that this option is available to women now.”

I had polyps that would go away when I had a D&C, but would always come back and cause bleeding again. After 3 D&Cs, I wanted to have a hysterectomy and I heard about the laparoscopic hysterectomy on television. I had no problems with the procedure, and I am happy that I don’t have to worry about the bleeding anymore.”

“I had a laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy because I had adenomyosis. I never bled all that much, but I cramped with my periods so badly that I needed narcotic pain pills every month. I was worried that I would feel different, especially sexually. I am happy to report that I feel great, and it has not altered my sex life at all, except to make it better.”

“Dr. Wilson told me that I could play golf a week after the procedure and I didn’t believe her. I had the surgery on a Tuesday and played golf the following Monday and felt fine. My friends were amazed.”

“I had fibroids that had grown so large that I could not find any doctor who would even consider anything but an open hysterectomy. I was told that they were so large that I would need a midline incision. I found Dr. Wilson’s website and called her in Scottsdale to see if she would do the surgery. I sent her the ultrasound reports, and she recommended that I use Lupron to shrink the fibroids for 3 months. She said that she would give it a try. I flew into Phoenix a few days before the procedure, met Dr. Wilson and had the surgery (through the laparoscope) on Tuesday. I flew home on Sunday and went back to work a week later. If I had not researched and found out what my options were, I would have had a much longer recovery time, not to mention a big ugly scar.”

“I had abnormal pap smears, so I was told by my doctor that I was not a candidate for a supracervical hysterectomy. I never had children, so I was also not a candidate for a vaginal hysterectomy. I was left with one option — an abdominal hysterectomy. I was very concerned about the recovery time and the incision. Dr. Wilson said that I could have a total hysterectomy through small laparoscopic incisions and I was so relieved. I had a laparoscopic total hysterectomy and felt great within 10 days.”