Say NO to incontinence & YES to confidence!

BTL Emsella
Incontinence, or inadvertent urine loss, is an enormous problem affecting over 25 million Americans, mostly women. Many are frustrated with traditional methods – pads, Kegels, etc. The fear of embarrassing urine leakage keeps women from being out in public, traveling, or dating. The need to wear a pad or a diaper at all times is humiliating and degrading. It is difficult to feel confident in any situation when you are worried about wetting your pants.

Emsella has offered many women freedom from incontinence- and it is effortless! 28 comfortable minutes on the Emsella chair while you read a magazine is like 11,000 kegel exercises, but much stronger than you can achieve voluntarily. The muscle contractions delivered by Emsella are called “supramaximal muscle contractions”. Exercising the pelvic floor causes increased size and number of the muscle fibers.

Women using the Emsella chair

Improvement in sexual function

Because the muscle bundle that is being strengthened is the group of muscles involved in orgasm and vaginal tightness, sexual function is enhanced and orgasms are stronger after Emsella treatment.

One patient’s testimonial:
“My orgasms are so much stronger and more pleasurable after Emsella treatments! I am much more interested in sex now, which has helped my marriage immensely.”

Emsella Before and After Treatment