Increase Your Pleasure and Have Better Sex With Cliovana™

Truly satisfying sex is an important part of a woman’s overall physical and emotional well being at any age, but many women aren’t feeling as much pleasure as they’d like.

There’s science behind that feeling that everything gets better when sex is good. Studies from around the world show a healthy and happy sex life means more than just post-orgasmic endorphins – impacting everything from longevity and heart disease to mental health and relationships. Enhance your sexual satisfaction, and you enhance everything else.

Cliovana (patent pending) is a simple, completely non-invasive way to increase women’s arousal levels and their orgasm frequency and intensity. Cliovana does not use lasers, scalpels or needles, so there are no dangerous side effects. Whether you’re with a longstanding partner, dating, or enjoying it on your own, your sex life is about to get better.

Check out Clio, the Woman’s Wellness Guide by Cliovana

Wow! Watch this compelling Cliovana testimonial from Dr. Deborah Wilson in Scottsdale featuring a lovely couple expressing sincere gratitude for the positive impact the treatment has had on their relationship. This video perfectly captures what Cliovana is all about!

In this video, Dr. Wilson describes the Cliovana treatment in detail and shows how the process works.

Quick and easy

Four sessions at less than 10 minutes each, over the course of 2 weeks. That’s all it takes to start feeling effects that grow over months and last up to a year or more.

Everything you want & none of what you don’t

Since it’s 100% non-invasive and creates no down time, you can get back to doing whatever – yes, even that – as soon as your appointment is done.

Cliovana – FAQ’s

Painless and safe

  • Cliovana’s™ three components are delivered using exacting standards
  • Practitioners are trained and certified; if they aren’t listed on the Cliovana site, they aren’t certified
  • Cliovana™ is 100% non-invasive; there is no vaginal insertion of anything and Cliovana does not use laser technology or harm tissue in any way

How do I know it works?

  • Cliovana™ uses technologies which have seen years of proven effectiveness in penile tissue, which has similar physiology and arousal mechanisms as the clitoris. This has given us a large foundation of knowledge on which to build a female-specific methodology
  • Recent trial applications of Cliovana™ on women have proven consistently effective

How long does it take?

  • Cliovana™ consists of 4 sessions of less than 10 minutes each
  • 2 sessions in week one and 2 sessions in week two
  • Effects are felt as early as the first session and increase over 3 months
  • Effects last a year or more and can be extended with a single, optional revitalization session annually

Does it hurt?

  • The entire process will NOT be painful
  • There are no needles or other invasive aspects

Is there any down time?

  • No; you can do anything after – including having sex, which can be heightened immediately following

Are there any side effects?

  • Cliovana™ may cause some temporary redness, but there are no significant side effects
  • The main side effects are better intimate relationships, more fun in bed, and you may feel closer to your partner

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I just completed my final session targeted to heighten my sexual responsiveness and satisfaction…and it did just that! I had no idea there was a method that could boost the intensity of orgasms and it was 100% non-invasive and on top of that, I was in and out of the clinic in 10 minutes. Thank you Cliovana for spicing up my sex life and my boyfriend thanks you too!”


Cheers to Cliovana! I can’t believe a totally pain free experience transformed my sex life. Right after the first session I noticed increased arousal and responsiveness and after four sessions and two months my orgasms are now more powerful than they’ve ever been. Thank you for giving me a boost in my sex life! Everyone needs Cliovana.”