What if you found cancer early enough to make a difference?

Finding cancer early is important to improve treatment outcomes.1 The vast majority of cancers show no symptoms until later stages, when treatment options may be limited.2 Today, many cancers are found too late when outcomes are often deadly.3

70% of cancer deaths between ages 50–79 are caused by cancers where there is no recommended screening.

Galleri®, a multi-cancer early detection test is available at our office now.

Galleri is a new cancer screening test that detects a shared cancer signal across more than 50 types of cancer through a simple blood draw. The Galleri test is recommended for use in adults with an elevated risk for cancer, such as those aged 50 plus.

When cancers are diagnosed early before they have had the chance to spread, the overall 5-year survival rate is 4X higher than when they are diagnosed in later stages.

The Galleri test can detect a cancer signal across over 50 types of cancer through a simple blood draw.

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Commonly asked questions:

I’m not at risk for cancer nor do I have a family history, is the Galleri test really for me?
Family history is only one of many risk factors associated with cancer development. Other risk factors include being over 50, eating habits, lifestyle, living or working environments, and many others.

Where is the Galleri test performed?
The blood draw is performed in our office.

Do I need to fast for the blood draw?
No, fasting is not required.

What does a “Cancer Signal Detected” result mean?
This means that there is a suspicion of cancer but not a diagnosis of cancer. The Galleri test can point to where in the body the cancer is coming from to help guide the next steps. We’ll discuss appropriate follow-up testing to confirm if cancer is present.

What does a cancer “Signal Not Detected” result mean?
This means that no cancer signal was found. However, not all cancers can be detected by the Galleri test. Continue with all routine screening tests that your healthcare provider recommends. Missing routine screenings or ignoring symptoms can lead to a delayed diagnosis of cancer.

Is Galleri a genetic test? Can it help me understand my family’s risk of cancer?
No, the Galleri test detects current signs of cancer in your blood and is not a genetic test.

How long does it take to get my Galleri test results?
Typically, results are available within 10 business days.

How often should I take the Galleri test?
With the Galleri test, regular screening provides the opportunity to detect more cancers early. We will work together to determine the best frequency or any additional tests needed.

How much does the Galleri test cost?
The price for Galleri is $1,200. You may be able to use pre-tax dollars in your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) to pay for the Galleri test. You can check with their FSA/HSA account administrators to determine eligibility.

Is the Galleri test covered by insurance?
Currently, the Galleri test is not covered by insurance. The Galleri test is new to the market and represents a significant innovation in cancer screening.

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