The gynecology only difference

Look around your Ob/Gyn’s waiting room:
– Do you see pregnant bellies?
– Was your appointment cancelled or postponed because your doctor was delivering a baby?
– Was your waiting time long because the schedule was disrupted by a delivery?

Obstetrics and gynecology is a “combined specialty”
Many experts are of the opinion that the specialties should be split, allowing Obstetricians to concentrate on pregnancy and delivery and Gynecologists to concentrate on women’s non-pregnancy related issues, particularly menopausal issues. In the past, issues that menopausal women are confronted with have been largely ignored or passed off as “just the way it is when you get older.”

pregnant women

Your sexuality is important
We frequently hear patients complain that their previous Ob/Gyn was not interested in hearing about or treating their hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and lack of sex drive. They are told that “hormones are dangerous,” “your symptoms will get better with time,” and “sex is not important when you get older.”

We beg to differ!

We think that your sexual relationship is very important and we want to help you maintain it.

Our doctors take menopause seriously
We want to hear about your symptoms and we have vast experience in treating these symptoms. We offer a variety of bioidentical hormonal and non-hormonal treatments for your individual symptoms.

We know that replacing both estrogen and testosterone are important to women after her ovaries stop making these hormones and the notion that testosterone is only for men is wrong.

Our team has more Gynecologic experience than almost any other Gynecologic practice in the country
Because of our vast experience in diagnosing early stage ovarian and uterine cancer, we can help keep you healthy and cancer free. We take your pelvic pain seriously and offer in-house ultrasound to evaluate this pain. We do not hesitate to perform testing that detects pre-cancerous disease and early cancer.

If surgery is necessary, our team has more Gynecologic experience than almost any other Gynecologic practice in the country. Dr. Wilson is a nationally recognized surgeon and teaches surgical technique to other surgeons throughout the world.

Patients travel many miles in order to have surgery by such experienced experts. In fact, many other doctors choose Dr. Wilson  as their surgeon.

The fact of the matter is that Gynecology is a specialty of its own, and maintaining up-to-date knowledge about new developments in Gynecology is a full-time job.

Your health is, in the end, all you really have in this world. Protect it by choosing your medical care wisely.